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Issue #5


Bigfoot Comic Book Graphic Novels!


Available in Q-4 of 2022 and available in Q-1 2023

Gatlinburg, Tennessee on Saturday, July 23rd, 2022

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Gatlinburg, Tennessee on Saturday, July 23rd, 2022



1 Color 900x700

The Cryptozoology Coloring Book Premiere Edition Online Buying Link:

Please Note: with each coloring book purchase a copy of this coloring book is donated to a school district! EDU-cation meets ART-ucation.

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Bigfoot Database Magazine #1 Online Buying Link:


The Paranormal Press Magazine Issue #4 Online Buying Link:

Concerning The Lakeland, Florida Bigfoot Conference and Convention

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Exclusives and New Releases. 1/22/2022 – See You There!

Please welcome Allie as our new TMP Press Spokesperson. Please stay tuned for more of her professional videos with information and breaking news!


Allie reporting for TMP Press


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Haley Michelle is a Paranormal Experiencer, a Spiritual Healer, and a professional Tarot Card Reader. Haley will appear in an in-depth interview with Thomas Sinclair for the printed and published copy of The Paranormal Press Magazine© -To Be Announced



We will be reporting from this show in Gatlinburg, TN for the third annual Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference on July 23, 2022, at the Venue: The Gatlinburg Convention Center.

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Thomas Sinclair with be a featured speaker at the SWFL Skunk-Ape/Bigfoot Town Hall Conference on June 4th (Saturday) 2022 in Punta Gorda near Port Charlotte, Florida.

This is a new non-commercialized Bigfoot community service to share reports, encounters, and learn more about The Florida Skunk-Ape, Bigfoot, and/or the elusive Sasquatch. This creature has many names and walks among us especially in Florida!

More exciting information to follow-TBA!

A Full Day Conference With A Town Hall Appeal.

Saturday – January 22nd, 2022 9am-5pm


We will be reporting from this LIVE event in Lakeland, Florida on Saturday, January 22nd, 2022. This is now the 2nd Annual Bigfoot – Skunk Ape Convention in the sunshine state.

Please support this event and visit our Paranormal Press Magazine appearance and vendors table

The Sequel Will Be THE BEST!!!

The countdown begins …

mega con 1mega con 2

TMP Press will have a Vendors Booth at MegaCon. The Paranormal Press Magazine will in attendance as well reporting from the event!

Mega Con The Southeast’s premier Comic Book, Anime, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, & Pop Culture event!
4 MEGA days of fandom: August 12-15, 2021!

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July 24th Saturday

We will be reporting from this event in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on Saturday, July 24th, 2021.

Thomas Sinclair and all of us at TMP Press look forward to seeing you and hearing YOUR stories!

Saturday – July 10th, 2021 – 9am-5pm


Thomas Sinclair Reports!

We will be reporting from this event in Lakeland, Florida on Saturday, July 10th, 2021. The Convention guests are Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay (both of TVs “Finding Bigfoot” fame) will appear and Florida Skunk Ape Expert: Stacy Brown Jr.   All guests have recently confirmed that the show is ongoing and this is exciting!

Happy Memorial Day 2021!                  5/31/2021

Honor the Strong that came before US!

Memorial day in Boston, 20,000 Flags

Any Magazine Purchases Between May 31st 2021 Until June 7th 2021, a donation will be made to Wounded Warrior Project of Jacksonville, Florida.


Join TMP Press and The Paranormal Press Magazine representative – Thomas SINclair on Saturday May 22nd 2021 for POGOPALOOZA at The Graveface Museum in Savannah, Georgia for a criminologist night to remember…lol. Criminologist: James Sparks will be appearing and James is an expert on John Wayne Gacy (serial killer) A.K.A “Pogo the Clown”. James has met John Wayne Gacy many times before Gacy’s execution in 1994.
Thomas Sinclair will also speak about his encounter with a past serial killer. This plans to be a frightening night in a Museum that seems very haunted! There must be restless spirits here at The Graveface Museum.

Where would we be without this day?

What would we do?

To all the Fans and Followers of the Paranormal, enjoy your day.

Let’s move to make this an entire month in the future!

May 3rd, 2021


Almost There, Almost Ready!

Due to COVID-19, The Paranormal Press Magazine will be released for your

enjoyment during the weekend of  May 21st 2021 and we are thankful.

We appreciate your interest and support!

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Issues upon issues have shipped and arrived in sunny Florida!


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First Issue Cover that has an alternate Back Cover as well.

Merry TMP Xmas


Please Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October 2020 is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Join us in helping Women now!
10% of our TMP Press sales will be
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Coming Soon ! TBA

Thomas Sinclair truly goes home to Central PA for October 2020. This is the first listed appearance during the entire Covid 19 pandemic and TMP Press & Thomas really look forward to this event. The World is opening back up again and this show is needed!

Para PA

Please go to our Author & Appearances Page to see our 2021 Appearances

Sad but as of this writing, May 2020, Large Book Chains and Magazine Retailers are still closed to the Public. Even smaller “Mom & Pop” Bookstores or Comic Shops are closed as well. We are in the hopes that literature can soon be sold in Public. Libraries are also effected and we hope the printed word circulates sooner than later. Thank You ALL, from TMP Press office.

Please Visit (click) our Author & Appearances tab for information regarding coronavirus situations and how it effects our writers and authors schedules. Thank You! TMP Press Office Release 03/09/2020 RE: Thomas Sinclair

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Our OWN TMP Press Roku Channel Launching 3rd Quarter of 2021, also we will be featured on a Pluto TV Channel. Great Things For The Coming New Year.

The Excitement Grows!

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featured in ALL ISSUES in 2021 – also known as WEX Club

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Really Enjoy The Crypto Corner, watch for our ads after that specific section.

The Seattle Magazine- Paranormal Files- interviewed our TMP Press Author: Thomas Sinclair. Please Enjoy the Revealing Interview. He also appeared on Paranormal AM Radio programs while in California (while on the WA/CA west coast trips) and often returns to the area for Media interviews.




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