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Information on our issue #7 that we released at the beginning of February. Some Good News and some Bad News.

The Good News first: Issue #7 was our biggest-selling edition ever! We printed far more issues of this edition than any other issue in the past. From online sales to more stores ordering more copies than ever before. We thank you ALL!

This edition was sourced locally in the United States yet we had to place a print order from Overseas as well. This is a first.

My stats employee (Cameron) showed me that our TMP Press website, from analytics, had 50,000 new views and visitors in February and our TMP Press Facebook page added over 10,000 more. A little here and a little there put TMP Press at nearly 75,000 new interests if we rounded off a bit (with Twitter & YouTube). Now the 50K at the website was all new folks but the 10K at Facebook, well, could always be “repeat Facebook people” from before yet Facebook analytics states differently, but I digress.

Posting on our TMP Press website: Please visit and Like our Facebook page-

Posting on our TMP Press Facebook page: Please visit our URL Website

So…. Here is the Bad News, we are completely SOLD OUT. A good thing yet WOW, what a happening this was. Getting great feedback from Overseas. Another first is that I had an Overseas buyer (for a number of stores and clients) visit Florida and took possession of a few pallets of issues. This buyer had his own shipping contact that had him bypass USPS, UPS, FedEx, and other high costs from US carriers.

Issue #8 is in the works and I do urge you to get in while we got them, well when we have them available soon or TBA…lol

Again, I thank you all and without the fans and supporters, we would be nothing! Be Well!

Issue #7 SOLD OUT!


Issue #6 On Sale Now!

Issue #5 is now on sale to enjoy during your HOT HOT Summer!

Issue #5 NOW ON SALE

Issue #4

Online Buying Links Will Be Available After The Lakeland, Florida Bigfoot Convention on January 22nd, 2022. The Following Week Links Will Be Provided Here At Our Website And At Facebook. ENJOY!

The Paranormal Press Magazine Issue #4 has the online buying links that are now active. Orders shipped within 24 hours from Sunday-Thursday. Enjoy!

Buying Link for Issue #1 (US-America mailing only at the time)

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Buying Link for Issue #2 (US- America mailing only at the time)

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Buying Link for Issue #1 and #2 combo

(US- America mailing only at the time)

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We will of course update everyone with International links and purchase opportunities in, hopefully, a very short time. Again, magazine purchases are for U.S. American shipping. All 50 states via USPS Media Mail.

Buying Link for Issue #3

(US-America mailing only at the time)

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Haley Michelle is a Paranormal Experiencer, a Spiritual Healer, and a professional Tarot Card Reader. Haley will appear in an in-depth interview with Thomas Sinclair for the printed and published copy of The Paranormal Press Magazine© -To Be Announced

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~ First Issue Cover that has an alternate Back Cover as well. ~

Our TMP Press gift to ALL our Fans and Followers.

Without the Fans, We would be nothing.

We Thank You All!



Due to COVID-19, The Paranormal Press Magazine will be released

for your enjoyment during the weekend on May 21st 2021.

We appreciate your interest and support!

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