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Author/Investigator –  Thomas Sinclair

Thomas Sinclair used to dread what lurked below 

the Dark Waters within our Lakes and Seas,


He used to question the Infinite Space 

that surrounds our Planet,
NOW He Embraces Them!

He is an avid Science Fanatic, and of Mysteries and Lore, Thomas has been involved with Law Enforcement and Private Investigations his entire life, he is now retired from the fields of investigation, or is he? 
Crypto Zoology and the Paranormal Call To Him!
Thomas treats every Crypto Zoology case or Paranormal case as a “Missing Persons” and/or “Criminal Investigation” to find leads that other may not have found.

He sifts through the evidence to find exact answers.

There is always something hiding behind or within the reports or evidence at the scene of the “Para-Crime”

He has had a lifelong fascination with the Unexplained.

Now he is on a terrifying mission 
to uncover the truth behind the Lore!

Join Mr. Sinclair and TMP Press for this and many

other Worldly Journeys……………


Books by Thomas Sinclair can be found at the Art Gallery Shop in Jacksonville, Florida

This Gallery/Store is called The Golden Goat Trading Co. and has many unique Artists within the store.  The store can be found at The Avenues Mall or simply look up their address location of 10300 Southside Blvd., STE 1595 Jacksonville, Florida 32256          Hours are 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM Monday-Saturday and Sunday 12 PM-6:00 PM

past magazines
Past Magazines I, Thomas Sinclair, have written articles for, edited, and HELL I even took subscriptions and mailed out these Magazines to our Nearly seven years there and I miss the old team! Also wrote for the magazine "Realms of Fantasy" which stopped publication in 2011. I Promoted my books in these Magazines as well (except for Log Cabin Homes Magazine, a given).Also worked on Stephen Leeb's The Complete Investor, a monthly Financial Newsletter on Stock Tips and Wall Street advice. Hated the Live Webinars with a passion, BUT It was work.

issues i wrote

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Allie reporting for TMP Press

UK Interviewer of the Stars: Steph Elmore

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LIVE Convention Appearances – Book Signings – Interviews – & Work Shops Listed Below

(newest on top to older listed below)

Thomas Sinclair and TMP Press Publishing is Soon to be featured on



Thomas Sinclair will be reporting from this show in Gatlinburg, TN for the third annual Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference on July 23, 2022, at the Venue: The Gatlinburg Convention Center.

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Thomas Sinclair with be a featured speaker at the SWFL Skunk-Ape/Bigfoot Town Hall Conference on June 4th (Saturday) 2022 in Punta Gorda near Port Charlotte, Florida.

This is a new non-commercialized Bigfoot community service to share reports, encounters, and learn more about The Florida Skunk-Ape, Bigfoot, and/or the elusive Sasquatch. This creature has many names and walks among us especially in Florida!

More exciting information to follow-TBA!

A Full Day Conference With A Town Hall Appeal.

Saturday – January 22nd, 2022 9am-5pm


We will be reporting from this LIVE event in Lakeland, Florida on Saturday, January 22nd, 2022. This is now the 2nd Annual Bigfoot – Skunk Ape Convention in the sunshine state.

Please support this event and visit our Paranormal Press Magazine appearance and vendors table

The Sequel Will Be THE BEST!!!

The countdown begins …

mega con 1mega con 2

TMP Press will have a Vendors Booth at MegaCon. The Paranormal Press Magazine will in attendance as well reporting from the event!

Mega Con The Southeast’s premier Comic Book, Anime, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, & Pop Culture event!
4 MEGA days of fandom: August 12-15, 2021!

imageonline-co-whitebackgroundremoved (3)July 24th Saturday 2021imageonline-co-whitebackgroundremoved (2)

We will be reporting from this event in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on Saturday, July 24th, 2021.

Thomas Sinclair and all of us at TMP Press look forward to seeing you and hearing YOUR stories!

Saturday – July 10th, 2021 9am-5pm


We will be reporting from this event in Lakeland, Florida on Saturday, July 10th, 2021. The Convention guests are Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay (both of TVs “Finding Bigfoot” fame) will appear and Florida Skunk Ape Expert: Stacy Brown Jr.   All guests have recently confirmed that the show is ongoing and this is exciting!

Join TMP Press and The Paranormal Press Magazine representative – Thomas SINclair on May 22nd for POGOPALOOZA at The Graveface Museum in Savannah, Georgia for a criminologist night to remember…lol. Criminologist: James Sparks will be appearing and James is an expert on John Wayne Gacy (serial killer) A.K.A “Pogo the Clown”. James has met John Wayne Gacy many times before Gacy’s execution in 1994. Thomas Sinclair will also speak about his encounter with a past serial killer. This plans to be a frightening night in a Museum that seems very haunted! There must be restless spirits here at The Graveface Museum.

Tentative appearance for Thomas Sinclair as he goes back to Home by appearing at


Salem Con #6 April 23rd & 24th 2021

Salem Con #6 was supposed to happen in 2020 by was effected by Covid 19

Salem Con shirt

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megacon 2021

See you at Megacon 2021

157 days until the show as of 10/11/20….lol



Thomas Sinclair truly goes home to Central PA for October 2020. This is the first listed appearance during the entire Covid 19 pandemic and TMP Press & Thomas really look forward to this event. The World is opening back up again and this show is needed!

Para PA


Note from Thomas Sinclair:
Due to the Coronavirus situation that has developed over Feb/March 2020, I have decided to postpone my appearances until the Summer or Fall. I don’t fear the virus but I fear the airlines canceling flights and then charging more ($$) for flights that do exist. I personally heard of a UK hotel that is only accepting reservations from locals in the UK and not anyone traveling internationally to their location or hotel. These airlines or businesses (hotels) are entitled to do what they want even if the general public does not agree but these actions hinder my travel or appearances. If the appearance is a US appearance or request, well heck I will drive there if its not Alaska…lol. I am sure this all will change soon as we seem to get a big virus situation occur about every three or four years.  I like appearances, I enjoy the Public, but I don’t enjoy what some travel providers are doing at this moment. Thank you all for your time.


We will have a representative at the Fact Or Fiction Fest Mega Event!


September 7th & 8th 2019 Frankfurt, Kentucky

July 19th – 20th 2019 

Bowlers Exhibition Centre Longbridge Rd,

Manchester M17 1SN

Please visit my booth my UK friends

&  say “Cheers” to Thomas Sinclair

This is the second appearance by Thomas Sinclair and TMP Press!


Mega Con 2019

TMP PRESS and Author/Investigator Thomas Sinclair will be at MEGACON Orlando Florida 2019

Orange County Convention Center

Our Table/Booth Number and Aisle are -To Be Announced- !




May 3-5, 2019: Crypticon Seattle – Seattle, WA

Salem 2019 Promo1

Thomas Sinclair goes back to Home by appearing at Salem Con 5 2019


f38fc2_3a8a321f8875449786c08b849                           Fort Myers, Florida

September 29-30, 2018 Historic Granbury, Texas Square

July 23rd 2018 

Bowlers Exhibition Centre Longbridge Rd,

Manchester M17 1SN

Please visit my booth my UK friends

&  say “Cheers” to Thomas Sinclair


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