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An event in 1959 is NOW being reopened and investigated by the Russian Government in 2019. I hope you read and follow this development as TMP Press and Thomas Sinclair will follow intensely. Here is The Dyatlov Pass Incident:


An Unknown Creature or Some Sort of Humanoid. The film was discovered on one of the victims and has defied scrutiny for over 60 years.

Russia Find The Answers In 2019!



CNN covers Russian Yeti 60 year mystery


Josh Gates of Destination Truth TV show covers the Dyatlov Pass Incident on August 28th and September 4th on The Discovery Channel. There is a high interest in their Report!

WOW Russia, another very very interesting Big Foot Car Chase, I am enthralled! 

bigfoot tony with car chase

The information seemed to break the Summer of 2019 of this 2016 original incident.

loch ness news

The team will announce the results of their studies next month. (Sept-Oct)


On the Newsstands for October, just in time for Halloween, is a nice little magazine gem for only $5 bucks! Horror Hound Magazine has a nice piece covering Bigfoot in the Cinema. Thoroughly enjoyed the magazine especially the Bigfoot Toys featured. Wish I still had my Six Million Dollar Man TV series Bigfoot Toys, wait I still do….lol

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bigfoot toy

“Strange New Light Can Be Just As Frightening As The Dark”


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