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Our brand-new UFOlogy Coloring Book is being released soon.

Over 125 unique pages of the UFO/UAP “flying saucer” history (over 150 years of events explained).

This project also includes amazing and exclusive art-work pages as well.

A very exciting, dare I say “Out Of The World Experience” for all our readers.

This publication features actual investigators of the Paranormal field as well. You can buy this coloring book and see which Paranormal Professionals are included.

Our Second Coloring Book

Our First Coloring Book

The Cryptozoology Coloring Book Premiere Edition has online buying links that are now active. Orders shipped within 24 hours from Sunday-Thursday. Enjoy!

Please Note: with each coloring book purchase a copy of this coloring book is donated to a school district! EDU-cation meets ART-ucation.